Mental Wakeup Clan – Book I: Almighty Warriors Of Light LP

Mental Wakeup Clan – Book I: Almighty Warriors Of Light LP


MWC – Book I: Almighty Warriors Of Light


The Radical Guessworks and Dr. Max Stone have finished the good work “Mental Wakeup Clan” returns project writing the new path to righteous and good in the form of rhyme – rebuilt from ground up since Feb 2020 in The Compound.  The Compound was a militant NWO research, elite reverse – profiling operation and transhumanism resistance unit as well as an art/music/video studio in San Diego, CA – USA.  It was written as “was” because … The final hours of the legendary compound in San Diego, CA fell to the ground and the warriors leave it behind to follow the instruction and path of the light in the good fight.  After this, Dr. Max Stone has left the country to fight the NWO.  The first book was crafted in its final days.  7/11/2021 was the final day – Declared the new holy word of good crafted by modern day messengers whom have ascended and to communicate the true spirit work this time around in audio – a platform that can not be modified as it was recorded in rhyme.  The first MWC album shall serve as Book 1. The amount of total books at this point in time is unknown.  Book 1 is 16 tracks of 100% WAARAIG (We Are As Real As It Gets).  Book 1 : Almighty Warriors Of Light is now available for download here @ SpyderNET.Live – The Album brings back Epicsode (OG MWC member) on the track “MediSIN”

Produced/Engineered/Mixed and Mastered by The Radical Guessworks and Dr. Max Stone 100% made by the artist

What people are saying

“The new MWC album is a time capsule of everything you didn’t hear in MSM that happened during the plandemic lockdown up to the point of its release” – Frank Boulin, DJ, Houston, Texas

“An ear full of modern day juggernauts. Album feels like a bulldozer crushing all the liars in media, pharma as well as the elite” – Lydia Rodriguez, Entertainer, San Diego, California

“Realest sh!t I heard in a long time – A breath of fresh air in a world of crap music” – Mike S., Turntablist, Los Angeles, California

“If you somebody that loves real skilled emcees who want to know the truth the whole truth and don’t believe what you hear on the news – check it you must be crazier than the gods if you haven’t heard this!” – Def Fury, Performer, Atlanta Georgia

Watch this 20 Min Promotional Video for new documentary by this group called “Mask Burnaz” which features music from this album:

Official Music Video for underground classic “Snake Eyes” from this album



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